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Thirsty Skin

Boost your pole performance with our specially formulated grip solution, designed for champions by champions.

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At Thirsty Skin, we are dedicated to revolutionizing the pole fitness industry. Our founder, a champion pole performer with over 15 years of experience, has designed our products to meet the needs of pole fitness enthusiasts at every level. We are passionate about empowering individuals to confidently pursue their pole fitness journey, providing unparalleled support, and helping them achieve their performance goals.


“Using Thirsty Skin is so simple and long lasting! I can apply the spray and train for hours with just one application.

It’s perfect for high-intensity tricks and is the perfect formula to keep me grippy and confident throughout my routines.

It’s a bonus that it has been crafted by an incredible pole icon and personal inspiration, Chelle.”
“I have fallen in love ‘Thirsty Skin’ and I don’t pole without it! I love that it is made from all natural ingredients and by a person I fully trust! ❤️

It’s perfect for competitions when my skin is super dry from a fake tan or whenever I need a little extra help to grip on colder days.

I love putting the solution on just before I go on stage to ease my mind knowing that my skin is ready to nail any grip-heavy tricks. I recommend this grip to anyone that has dry skin or needs that extra help during winter it is true game changer!”

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